Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back in Blogsville!!!!

Hi Friends,

How are you all?

I know you all must be wondering where the hell did I disappear and why was I missing in action for so long.

Well, well...the reason was life got extremely hectic and I got completely immersed in it. I know you all must be curious to know what's happening in my life since we have been out of touch for so long and trust me, the feeling is mutual here.

Well, there has been so many developments in my life that I am dying to share it with you all. First of all, my son Aarush (I hope you all still remember him!!!) has crossed his first landmark and has become one year old toddler now. As expected, he has become more naughty now and more responsive.

Secondly, my life has suddenly taken a turning point. I have started my own business (yes!!! you heard it correct!) of Homemade Chocolates and I am proud owner of my company, Kocoa Krunch. So, I make chocolates, I package them and I supply them. Hmmmm, now thats called real development, isn't it?

Phew!!! So guys now you know, why I was missing in action. Actually, in real life I was too much in action (ha ha).

I can't even tell you all how difficult-yet-satisfying it was to make this transition. But I feel so proud that I was finally able to do it and the credit goes entirely to my very supportive hubby. I feel so much more renewed and enthusiastic now coz my life has suddenly gained a purpose which was missing few months back. Trust me, I am a completely changed person now.

I know I have a lot to catch up with you guys but I am sure you will accept me back with the same love and affection that you provided me earlier. And yes, don't forget to wish me luck for my new business. I need it guys.

Missed you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love