Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

I am sure you must be wondering why she has chosen such an old topic in such modern times, but my cousin's recent personal situation made me realize that this matter still affects many of the youngsters and so I decided to write about it.

This topic has been much debated since times memorial but it hasn't lost its sheen still. Ask any teenager about it and he or she will willingly lend their views or opinions about it.

So, the question is what is MY stand on it? Is love marriage better or an arranged one? Is love marriage more successful or an arranged one?

Well, my answer is no one. Neither I favor love marriage nor an arranged one. In my view both can be equally successful or unsuccessful and there are enough cases to prove that.

Marriage is the life long commitment between two individuals and success of any marriage depends upon those two individuals and not whether it was fixed by their families or not. Every marriage needs to be constantly worked at and as long as any couple does that, their relationship stands a good chance of surviving the lifetime. Problem arises when people aren't mature enough and end up choosing either wrong partners or not valuing the right ones. Those who are clear about their feelings and know exactly what they are looking for in their partner at the time of marriage are more likely to find their desired partners and have successful marriages.

In my view, it is the maturity of the couple that decides the success of their marriage and not whether they had loved before marriage or after.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Every Relationship Has An Expiry Date

Life is a one big teacher. One of the few things it has taught me is that every relationship has an expiry date. I firmly believe in it.
From my past relationships I have realized that people come and go. But eventually you have to walk alone.
Do you agree with me?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Decides A Person is Good or Bad?

Often we hear people declaring, he is good, he is bad, he is like this, he is like that, he did this, he did that. They seem to have opinion about just anyone and everyone, irrespective of how the person in particular is in reality. Are we right in doing so? If yes, who decides who is good or bad? And on what basis ?

Good and Bad are such subjective definitions. Someone who is very good to me may be not-so-good for someone else and vice-versa. So are we right in judging people merely on basis of their behavior towards us or someone else in particular? What should be our criterions for categorizing people into so-called good and bad slots? Who does it benefit and how? What is the need?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Joy Of Motherhood

Strange it may sound, but I was one of the few girls who never liked kids before marriage. It's not as though I hated them, I did hold the cute ones and kissed them once in a while but kids otherwise meant more responsibility and less freedom to me.

But as the cliche goes Motherhood changes EVERYTHING. The moment I held my baby in my arms and looked at his precious face, I instantly fell in love with him. All those doubts and uncertainties (Will I be able to handle motherhood?, How would I change diapers, feed, or bathe a newborn?) instantly melted away. I instinctively knew that everything would be ok.

I grew up so much during the first few months of motherhood. I discovered that being a mother really is all that it's cracked up to be -- and much more. I could hardly believe that I was nurturing a brand new human life, that with my love, care, and attention, this tiny being would hopefully grow up to be a wonderful person. It was a lot to take in at the time, but these were definitely joyous thoughts.

The last six months haven't always been easy. I've had my fair share of sleepless nights, baby illnesses, and more recently, toddler tantrums. But through it all, my son remains the true pride and joy of my life.

So for those of you who might be going through your own period of doubt, believe me: I totally understand. Children don't come with owners' manuals to help guide us through parenthood. That is where parents creativity comes in. But in all likelihood things will work out just fine for you, and you'll soon experience the unparalleled joys of motherhood. And hey while being at it, don't forget YOURSELF, the woman in you! Find time for yourself. Make time for one or two things that will enrich your life. Replenish yourself or you'll have less to give to others.

I cannot complete my article without remembering the mother I have. My mother is the perfect role model for me. She has been there for her four children through good times, and trying times. She was there for us through each illness, and to cheer us on in competitions. She gave us enough freedom to find ourselves and become independent, yet set the boundaries to where we still felt safe in the world. Most of all she always had time for us for any and everything.

So I dedicate this article to my Mom, and to all the Moms out there with babies in your arms or in your hearts. May all of us continue to revel and take pride in the joy of motherhood!!!

Simple Joys

Do you take time to appreciate the simple joys in life? Do you smile at the sun or dance in the rain? Do you stop to smell a flower on a bush? Do you gaze at the star-studded sky or watch the birds fly? Do you take time to coo at an infant, or to watch puppies or kittens at play? Are you thankful for the air you breathe and the life you have been given? Most of all, do you ever take time to marvel in the profound fact that, of all the infinite possibilities in the Universe, God chose to create YOU?

Many of us fail to notice the little things that make life so sweet. We get caught up in the pursuit of "wealth and health, and name and fame, and all of that noise." In this ad-mad world that promotes the idea "bigger is better," it is so easy to forget to take time to appreciate the simple joys, the little gifts that life gives to us each and every day. Simple joys gives you a reason to smile when life gets tough. No moment, nothing in life, should be taken for granted. In developing gratitude for the simple joys, the little things in life, we come to truly enjoy and appreciate life - and then we are able to see the magic that surrounds us every moment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

Small things is all about my personal philosphy, how I see life as, what is important to me and how come. It is about all those things that often appear as a small things but mostly are not.
It is about relationships, feelings and perspectives.

I hope this journal helps me as well as all those who visit my blog in understanding why things are the way they are.

I welcome all feedbacks, comments and criticisms wholeheartedly.