Sunday, April 26, 2009

hi Everyone....

Hope every body's doing fine...I had almost left blogsvilla but today when I checked my e-mails, I saw my best friend Manish Joshi's brand new blog (Lessons Learned) and it actually brought a smile on my even inspired to write this post....just like that...well thats the power of good friends in ur life...they can pull you out of monotony and recharge you without even realizing it....

so hey manish...this post is just dedicated to you...
welcome to blogsvilla....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Contact Number For Chocolate Enquiries

Hello Friends,

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you all for such a warm welcome. I must say your wishes are very encouraging.

I understand many of you are chocolate lovers and are interested in buying them.
So, for any chocolate orders and enquiries, you can contact me at the following numbers:

Parul Agarwal
Kocoa Krunch
9811477676, 9811064466


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back in Blogsville!!!!

Hi Friends,

How are you all?

I know you all must be wondering where the hell did I disappear and why was I missing in action for so long.

Well, well...the reason was life got extremely hectic and I got completely immersed in it. I know you all must be curious to know what's happening in my life since we have been out of touch for so long and trust me, the feeling is mutual here.

Well, there has been so many developments in my life that I am dying to share it with you all. First of all, my son Aarush (I hope you all still remember him!!!) has crossed his first landmark and has become one year old toddler now. As expected, he has become more naughty now and more responsive.

Secondly, my life has suddenly taken a turning point. I have started my own business (yes!!! you heard it correct!) of Homemade Chocolates and I am proud owner of my company, Kocoa Krunch. So, I make chocolates, I package them and I supply them. Hmmmm, now thats called real development, isn't it?

Phew!!! So guys now you know, why I was missing in action. Actually, in real life I was too much in action (ha ha).

I can't even tell you all how difficult-yet-satisfying it was to make this transition. But I feel so proud that I was finally able to do it and the credit goes entirely to my very supportive hubby. I feel so much more renewed and enthusiastic now coz my life has suddenly gained a purpose which was missing few months back. Trust me, I am a completely changed person now.

I know I have a lot to catch up with you guys but I am sure you will accept me back with the same love and affection that you provided me earlier. And yes, don't forget to wish me luck for my new business. I need it guys.

Missed you all so much!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love


Friday, September 19, 2008

Adieu for a while!!!

Hi Friends,

I know you all must be wondering where the hell Parul is and why has she been missing from action for so long. Well the reason is my laptop had developed some serious problem (don't know the exact thing but guess the whole operating system got corrupted) and had gone for repair(still not back!!!)....So, with Aarush in tow and laptop missing it became almost impossible for me to log on to the net let alone blog here :-(

Life is increasingly becoming very hectic for me. Aarush has become very cranky and very demanding (especially since he has come back from nani's house, guess he has become very insecure now) and guess motherly duties are slowly taking over the individual preferences. Blogging seems more like a luxury now that I am finding hard to afford and going by this rate it seems I would have to leave blogsville soon. Its sad and I don't want to do it but I know its coming. Though I would never leave blogville completely but then blogging would soon become more of monthly affair than a daily one.......par kya kare.....this is life...Change is the only Constant thing in Life.....

But its ok....I have no regrets and I am really happy because I have got more love and more acceptance than I ever anticipated here. I made some very good friends here, say Buzz, Comfortably Numb, Keshi, Ria, Solitaire, Niceguy, Abhishek, Aphrodite, Mia and I am thankful to every one who visited my blog and liked it. I hope my friends would continue to keep in touch with me even outside blogsville. In fact, anyone who is interested in keeping in touch with me outside blogsville can contact me at my gmail or orkut Id i.e. parul206.

well thats that for now,


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Height of Manipulations!!!!

Since Yesterday I am FUMING!!!

Yesterday I came to know that one of my past friends, say friend X (who is thankfully not my friend anymore!!!) had been chatting with me using the name of some other friend, say friend Y, (with whom I had very little contact) for past 3 months!!!

Isn’t it DISGUSTING???

Actually what happened was, yesterday after my chat with Y, (who was actually X), I happened to call the real person Y (whom I usually don’t call) and I was completely taken aback to know that she was completely unaware about the chat. After telling her the complete story, she told me it could only be X since she is the only person who knows personal details about all three of us.

I was SHOCKED. So was Y. Whole night I kept asking myself how could X do such a thing after all those years we had been friends. But I couldn’t get any answers.

So, through this post I want to ask all the people out there to tell me why some people indulge in such activities and what do they gain out of it. If X is reading it by any chance, then I want to ask her or anyone who can answer on her behalf:-

1. When we aren’t friends anymore, then why the hell did you go around posing yourself as
someone else just to dig some secrets out of my nose?
2. What the f*** did you get out of it?
3. Why the hell did you stoop so low and erase even the tiny bit of respect left in my heart for you?
4. What did you get by unnecessary dragging Y’s name in between who is totally innocent and completely unaware of all the chats happening in her name?

I am so angry right now, I can’t even tell you all. I mean this is the height of manipulations. And above all, IT HURTS.

Even I was affected by our broken frienship, but I don’t intrude in her privacy or her every day affairs. Just because I chose to part ways gracefully, does she had to attack me in this way. May be she did manage to extract the things out of me that I would never otherwise share with her, but can it mend the breaks in our friendship ever?

GROW UP DEAR!!! Grow up!! Grow up all those people who still cling to their past like the sand in their hand. Remember sand drifts away even if you close your fist tight. Sometimes you just have to let go of your past and accept it as a way of life. Otherwise you just end up making a fool of yourself and nothing else.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back With a Bang!!!

Hi Guys,

I am back....back in good health and back with my honey chum....hmmm i know i took a long break but guess I kinda needed it to refreshed myself:-)

I know I promised everyone that I'll write a post about my reunion...but now when I am actually trying to write about it down, I am unable to express myself...may be its because that moment was too personal and too emotional to jot it down....hope you all would understand....

Nonetheless, I want to put the past behind me and move forward....let bygones be bygones.

Chalo, yeh to hui meri I wanna know what my other blogmates were upto this whole last week.... let me know if anything nice (or even not-so-nice) happened with you all...

Loads of Love

P.S - Guys, I am yet to read all your latest posts but I promise I'll soon catch up with you all....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the 3 Mistakes of My Life

Hi friends,

As promised here is my review on the 3 mistakes of life.

To start with, the 3 Mistakes of life is a typical Chetan Bhagat’s book with lots of masala, and unexpected twists and turns. As Buzzz and Comfortably Numb rightly said, it’s like a typical Bollywood movie - entertaining but devoid of logic or reasoning!!!

It is a book filled with a lot of clich├ęs- and a lot of similarities with “
Five Point Someone”. Three young friends, their tryst with destiny, their ups and downs, the dark humor, and the screw ups.

Now as for the good and bad points of the book, I’ll first start with the good points.

Firstly, the starting is very dramatic and very interesting. You just have-to read after reading the prologue. Secondly, like any other Chetan’s books, it contains lot of Hinglish lingo which is fun to read and something that we can relate to easily. Thirdly, his characters are young, ambitious and passionate and have the same moral, social and religious dilemmas as many of the young Indians today. At the same time their context and sensibility is unabashedly Indian.

Now coming on to the bad points or not-so-good points of the book.

Firstly, the story that develops beautifully in the first half, slags a bit in the latter half. Secondly, the 'Ali & their going to Australia' angle is pretty cheeky! Thirdly, the end is very melodramatic with half the people dying like a typical RGV movie. Moreover, I feel the '3 mistakes' were not really mistakes because ultimately Life is not an exam with any right and wrong answers!

But overall an interesting read. Chetan has again proved his writing skills beyond imagination though ‘Five Point Someone’ still remains his Best book. One night @ call centre was good and so is the 3 mistakes of my life.

P.S – I want to make two announcements.

1. I want to officially thank Keshi for being so sweet as to awarding me with 'Brilliant Weblog Award' that I feel I just don't deserve and that it is just a very sweet gesture on her part for which I am humbly honoured.

so, Thank you Keshi!!!! I really appreciate that......Muaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
(Sorry, for pulishing your image without asking, hope you won't mind as this was my favourite pic of all ur pics)

2. I am taking a blog break for 3-4 days because I am going to bring my baby back today. So obviously I am pretty excited and want to spend the maximum time with him so as to compensate for the time lost. But I promise my next article sure would be on that only….

Till then, Don’t Miss Me Guys!!!!

Lots of Love……..