Friday, September 19, 2008

Adieu for a while!!!

Hi Friends,

I know you all must be wondering where the hell Parul is and why has she been missing from action for so long. Well the reason is my laptop had developed some serious problem (don't know the exact thing but guess the whole operating system got corrupted) and had gone for repair(still not back!!!)....So, with Aarush in tow and laptop missing it became almost impossible for me to log on to the net let alone blog here :-(

Life is increasingly becoming very hectic for me. Aarush has become very cranky and very demanding (especially since he has come back from nani's house, guess he has become very insecure now) and guess motherly duties are slowly taking over the individual preferences. Blogging seems more like a luxury now that I am finding hard to afford and going by this rate it seems I would have to leave blogsville soon. Its sad and I don't want to do it but I know its coming. Though I would never leave blogville completely but then blogging would soon become more of monthly affair than a daily one.......par kya kare.....this is life...Change is the only Constant thing in Life.....

But its ok....I have no regrets and I am really happy because I have got more love and more acceptance than I ever anticipated here. I made some very good friends here, say Buzz, Comfortably Numb, Keshi, Ria, Solitaire, Niceguy, Abhishek, Aphrodite, Mia and I am thankful to every one who visited my blog and liked it. I hope my friends would continue to keep in touch with me even outside blogsville. In fact, anyone who is interested in keeping in touch with me outside blogsville can contact me at my gmail or orkut Id i.e. parul206.

well thats that for now,



Ria said...

Oh!yeah i knw hw difficult it mus b for u. But u can try and come here whenever u find the time. We will understand dear. Give my love to Arush. :)

Enigma said...

hii...ur posts r all good...dont worry, u will find time to post once in a wen u do get time do post and we all will b waiting to continue blogging wen u can, once ur lill once grows up a lill more u will hav lots of time on ur hands, then u can post daily :P

Buzzz said...

Parul, thanks for mentionin me as a pal. But i would stil like you to be here active as you were before.

Your writin has its own uniqueness and i love that.

have a day in week when u can post all ur posts. try it. dont quit. please.

Abhishek Khanna said...

enjoy ur break.!! but come back soon..
chalo thoda bargaining karte hain.. blog once in a fortnite..

Whats in a Name said...

Oh.. I just became a regular here and the place is closing!!!
not fair at all...
Come back soon..
And always remember, " A busy person has time for all"

niceguy251 said...


Firstly. Yes, little ones take priority. Just to substentiate it I will tell you my experience. For a couple of weeks when our office was under renovation we operated from homes. One day I was on my pc trying to check mail and do some urgent work when my just little under 2 years old grandson came over and asked me what am I upto. I told him " Office ka kaam kar raha hoon " to which his response was " Mujhe bhi karna hai ". So I had no option but to give up my work to let him sit and see photographs which I opened for him and he moves to next himself by clicking on keyboard.

I request do not go off completely but keep posting on weekly basis if not more than that.

Take care

comfortably numb said...

dun worry dear...will be waiting 4 ur monthly posts wid anticipation too:)
as for keeping in touch...absolutely!!!

Solitaire said...


Tell us you are coming back SOON!

Keshi said...

awwww :(

all the best hun HUGS! I hope to see u bak in blogs some day?


QUIETUDE N said...

all the best...hope u b back soon..